Safe Banking Tips

Simple precautions can help you to protect your bank accounts and hard earned money.
1. Check your passbook / Account Statement regularly. In any discrepancy found, contact your bank branch immediately
2. If you have missed Demand Draft, Fixed Deposit Receipt, Cheque Book, ATM Card, Lockey Key, then contact your bank branch immediately.
3. If you have missed ATM Card, you should immediately block the card, Otherwise, there are more chances of misuse. There are ways to block the ATM card via Bank Branch, Toll-Free number, Mobile Banking App. 
4. If you have changed your Contact number / Email then Visit the Bank Branch and request for updation in Bank records for getting alerts of your transactions regularly. 
5. Never Ever respond to Spam Emails, Calls, Messages. They ask for details of your account, ATM Card Number, CVV, OTP Number, Internet Banking Credentials, etc. With these details, they will transfer the amount from your account. Spammers will call in the name of bank officials to get the sensitive account information. No Bank will call you to get the account information, ATM Card details and any such sensitive information.
6. Always keep your Passbook, ATM Card, Cheque Book in Safe Place
7. Do not share your passwords, PINs, ATM Card Number, to anybody
8. Protect your computer and mobile device with effective antivirus software to protect from unauthorized data access
9. Do not store your passwords, Pin, etc in a mobile device, papers, etc
10. Always use Alphanumeric passwords for internet banking and reset them in regular intervals.​
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