Banking via ICICI Bank’s Twitter Handle

ICICI bank customers having their mobile linked with ICICI Bank savings account can do banking transactions via Twitter Handle ICICIBANKPAY.

They can transfer money, recharge your mobile phone, check account balance and view last three transactions, Make a cheque book request, Open Recurring Deposit, Open Fixed Deposit, Link Aadhaar number, and Bill payments can be done.

Security Aspects of ICICI Twitter Banking

The entire communication between twitter account and ICICI Bank account is carried out through a secured platform.  icicibankpay uses Direct Messages between ICICI Bank and you.

Direct messages are a private conversation between the 2 parties involved and do not have a public viewing. The messages are NOT PUBLIC TWEETS. Hence, the transactions, though done on Twitter, are private between you and the Bank using the Direct Messages and your Twitter account. No financial details are shared on the public domain.

Eligible Customers to avail this service

To avail this service, a user should have an account with Twitter and He/She should be an account holder with Internet Banking Access. In case of joint accounts, the right to register and transact through the Channel shall be available if the mode of operation for the joint account is indicated as ‘either or survivor’ or ‘anyone or survivor’.

The User desirous of availing the Service through Channel should either be the holder of ICICI Bank’s Saving Account linked to the retail internet banking User ID held by the User as a sole signatory or authorized to act independently in case of a joint account.

Transaction Limits

Per transaction limit using this channel is Rs.10000/-. At present, there are no charges for the services offered through this Channel.

Opt out from this service

The User may terminate his/her access to the Channel and/or discontinue availing the Services, by unfollowing ICICI Bank Twitter handle.​

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