5 Things you want to know about Google Pay

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Google Pay has a mode of payment called Cash Mode. This is a special type of payment mode working on AQR technology i.e. Audio QR but more secure. It works by bringing two phones nearby and pay by entering UPI pin.

Audio QR is a technology where communication is done between devices through sound waves. It works on any phone with mic and speaker and Google Pay installed. This eliminates the need for High-cost NFC in mobile devices.

Transactions done by google pay are guarded by Tez Shield to detect fraud, prevent hacking and verify identity. It is a multilayer security feature and works 24 by 7.

Businesses can create a custom channel so customers can find you directly on Google pay home screen. They can Create and share offers with customers using the channel.

If someone that you don’t know requests money from you or you don’t want someone to contact you through google pay, you can block them from making requests. This helps to handle fraudulent money request.‚Äč

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